Power Tools & Laser Tools

Automatic Level

NEOLASER TD-70 Laser Marker

Features :

Launch a level line
Launch two supernatural vertical lines and make a crossline on the ceiling
Launch a point on the earth, which can be a plumb point
Automatically-leveling and out of Level Range Sensor
Magnetic damping system
TX60/70 Contains the Auto remote controll
TX70 Contains the 360° auto rotate
Remote receiver available, which effective distance reaches 40M

NEOLASER NL-2X Laser Marker

Laser Wave Length: 635nm
Auto-leveling Range: 3° ±5°
Accuracy: ±1mm/10m
Width of beam: 3mm

Angle of projection: 120°
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimension: 110mm Dia X 185m

NEOLASER NL-A8809P Laser Marker

Light source: Semiconductor
Output power: <1Mw
Wave Length: 635nm/line. 650nm/dot
Precision of V & H: ±2.5 mm / 5m
Precision of right angle: 90° ± 0.03°
Time of stable equilibrium: < 5 sec
Dimensions: 80 X 60 X 125mm
Auto self-leveling range: ± 3°

NEOLASER NL-A8809HPC Laser Marker

Light source = Semiconductor
Output power = 10Mw
Wave Length = 635nm/line. 650nm/dot
Precision of V & H = ±2.5 mm / 5m
Precision of point = ± 2.0 mm/3M
Precision of right angle = 90° ± 0.03°
Laser Angle (Horizontal) = > 60°
Laser Angle (Vertical) = > 180°
Time of stable equilibrium = < 5 sec
Dimensions = 80 X 60 X 125mm
Auto self-leveling range = ± 3°
Continuous Working Time = > 15 hours

NEOLASER NL-A8816PC Automatic Level

Laser Wave Length: 635nm/line .650nm/dot
Precision of vertical: ±2.5mm/5M
Precision of horizontal: ±2.5mm/5M
Precision of up/down point: ±1.0mm/3M
Auto Self-leveling Range: ±3o
Weight: 521g
Dimension: 80 X 60 X 160 mm
Battery Power: 2 AA Battery
Safety / Quality Approval: CE, FDA

NEOLASER NL-32X Automatic Level

Standard deviation for 1km double run leveling: 1.00mm
Magnification: 32X
Objective aperture: 38mm
Field of view: 1°20
Minimum focus: 0.3m
Multiplication constant: 100
Compensator Range: ±15’
Compensator setting accuracy: ±0.5"
Sensitivity of bubble: 8’/2mm

PRECASTER Laser Measurer
Length: 50M & 70M
Levelling Staff
Length: 5M

Power Tools & Laser Tools

RYOBI PSV-600 Blower

Input: 650W

Airflow Output:3.5

Dimensions: 480 x 198 x 232mm

Net Weight: 1.9kg

DONGCHENG Z1F-FF-02-15 Breaker

(Demolition Hammer)

Shank Diameter: 30mm Hex

Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Power Input: 1240W

Impacting Frequency: 1400/min

Net Weight: 16kg



(Demolition Hammer)

Type: Slot In (17mm)

Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Power Input: 900W

Impacting Frequency: 2900/min

Net Weight: 5.3kg


Power Input: 1050W

Full Load Impact Rate: 3000/min

Bit Shank: 17mm Hex (21/32")

Overall Length: 414mm (16-19/64")

Net Weigth: 5.0kg (11Lbs)


MAKITA HM0810T Breaker

(Demolition Hammer)

Input: 900W

Blow per Miniute: 2900bpm

Overall Length: 428nmm (16-7/8")

Net Wt: 5.5kg (12Lbs)

Power Supply Cord: 5M (16.4Ft)


RYOBI CH-465 Breaker

(Demolition Hammer)

Input: 1050W

Power: 8.8 Joules

Hammering Frequency: 3000/min

Shank Type: 17mm Hex

Dimensions: 445x106x231mm

Weight: 5.1kg

RYOBI C-125A Concrete Cutter

Input: 1050 W

Blade Diameter: 110~125mm

Blade Bore: 20mm

Max Cutting Capacity: 41.5mm

Rotation Speed: 12,000/min

Overall Length: 214mm

Net Weight: 2.9kg

MAKITA 4100NH Concrete Cutter

Blade Diameter: 110mm

Max Cutting Capacity: 34mm

Input: 1300W

No Load Speed: 13000rpm

Overall Length: 234mm

Net Weight: 2.9kg

Power Supply Cord: 2.5mm

DONGCHENG Z1E-FF-110 Concrete Cutter

Blade Diameter: 110mm

Max Cutting Capacity: 30mm

Related Power Input: 1200W

No-Load Speed: 13000r/min

Net Weight: 3.0kg

RYOBI C-3560 Cut-off Machine

Input: 2,100W

Blade Diameter: 355mm

Blade Bore: 25.4mm

Max. Cutting Capacity (Round Pipe): 120mm

Max Cutting Capacity (Rectangle Pipe): 75 x 130mm

Max Cutting Capoacity (Angle Steel): 138 x 138mm

Rotation Speed: 3800/min

Dimensions: 560x285x640mm

Net Weight: 15kg

MAKITA 2414NB Cut-Off Machine

Wheel Diameter: 355mm

Hole Diameter: 25.4mm

Input: 2000W

No Load Speed: 3800rpm

Dimensions: 500x280x600mm

Net Weight: 16.2kg

Power Supply Cord: 2.5M

DONGCHENG J1G-FF02-355 Cut-Off Machine

Wheel Size: 355x3x25.4mm

Rated Power Input: 1800W

No-Load Speed: 3800r/min

Net Weight: 16kg

RYOBI BD-122 Cordless Drill

Volgage: 12V

Chuck Size: 13mm

Max Torque: 26 Nm

Drilling Capacity (wood):25mm

Rotation Speed (Variable 2-speed): 0~350 / 0~1050min

Charging Time: 30 Mins

Battery Type: Ni-Cd, 1300mAh

Dimensions: 198x76x234mm

Net Weight: 1.5kg

MAKITA 6260WPE Cordless Drill

Drilling Capacity (Steel): 10mm

Drilling Capacity (Wood): 21mm

No Load Speed (High): 0~1200rpm

No Load Speed (Low): 0~340rpm

Max Fastening Torque (Hard): 24Nm

Max Fastening Torque (Soft): 14Nm

Overall Length: 192mm

Net Weight: 1.4kg

DEVON 5241 Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion 1.3Ah

Volgage: 10.8V

Maximum chuck diameter : 10mm

Maximum screw diameter : M6

Battery : Li-ion 1.3Ah

Maximun torque : 18 (N.m)

No. load speed : 0-500rpm

Weight : 1.0kg


* LED working light

* Stepless variable switch

* Corotation and reversion switch operate it with single hand

* Well-designed handle for comfort

RYOBI PD-196DV Impact Drill

Input: 710W

Chuck Size: 13mm

Drilling Capacity (Wood):25mm

Drilling Capacity (Steel): 13mm

Drilling Capacity (Masonry): 19mm

Rotation Speed: 0-2,600/min

Blows per Minute: 0-46,800

Dimensions: 299x66x198mm

Net Weight: 1.75kg

MAKITA 6412 Drill

Drilling Capacity (Steel): 10MM

Drilling Capacity (Wood): 25mm

Input: 450W

No Load Speed: 0~3000rpm

Dimensions: 228x64x183mm

Net Weight: 1.2kg

Power Supply Cord: 2M


BOSCH GWS 7-100 Angle Grinder

Input: 720W

Disc Diameter: 100mm

Wire Cupt Brush Diameter: 70mm

No Load Speed: 11000rpm

Net Weight; 1.8kg

RYOBI G-1007 Angle Grinder

Input: 800W

Wheel Size: 100mm/115mm

Rotation Speed: 11,000/min

Switch Type: Rear Toggle

Housing diameter: 62mm

Dimensions: 270x120x106mm

Net Weight: 1.5kg

MAKITA 9553NB Angle Grinder

Depressed Centre Wheel: 100mm

Abrasive Disc: 100mm

Diamond Wheel: 100mm

Input: 710W

No Load Speed: 11000rpm

Overall Length: 258x118x97mm

Net Weight: 1.4kg

Power Supply Cord


DONGCHENG S1M-FF-100A Angle Grinder

Max Wheel Diameter: 100mm

Hole Diameter of Wheel: 16mm

Rated Power Input: 540W

Rated Speed: 13000r/min

Net Weight: 1.7kg

HITACHI PDA100 Disc Grinder

Wheel Diameter: 100mm

Hole Diameter: 16mm

Spindle Thread: M10 x 1,5

Power Input: 620W

No Load Speed: 12000/min

Overall Length: 254mm

Net Weight: 1.7kg

RYOBI G-182 Large Angle Grinder

Input: 1100W

Wheel Size: 150mm

Rotation Speed: 11,000/min

Overall Length: 427mm

Net Weight: 3.3kg


RYOBI HBG-6E Bench Grinder

Input: 250W

Wheel Size: 150mm

Rotation Speed: 2850min


Net Weight: 9kg

RYOBI BG-800 Bench Grinder

Input: 375W

Wheel Size: 180mm

Rotation Speed: 2859min

Overall Length: 420mm

Net Weight: 18.1kg

RYOBI G-601 Die Grinder

Input: 470W

Collet Size: 6mm / 1/4"

Rotation Speed: 25,000/min

Overall Length: 359mm

Net Weight: 1.6kg

RYOBI AJP-1600 High Pressure Jet Cleaner

Input: 1400W

Water Pressure: 8.5MPa

Water Volume: 6L/Min\

Dimensions: 260x360x830mm

Net Weight: 6.8kg



RYOBI AG-180 Heat Gun

Input: 1800W

Temperature: 440/610 Deg

Air Volume: 250/450L/min

Net Weight: 0.8kg

DONGCHENG QIU-FF-160 Power Mixer
RYOBI PM-1011 Power Mixer

Input: 800W

Rotation Speed: 1000/min

Dimensions: 855x86x138mm

Net Weight: 2.5kg

RYOBI HL-82N Planer

Input: 500W

Planing Width: 82mm

Planing Dept: 0~1mm

Rebetting: 11.5mm

Blade Rotation Speed: 17000/min


Net Weight: 2.3kg


RYOBI PE-2100 Sandpaper Polisher

Input: 950W

Pad Size: 180mm

Rotation Speed: 650~2000/min


Net Weight: 2.4kg


RYOBI ED-262VR Rotary Hammer

Input: 750W


Rotation Speed: 0~1100/min

Hammering Frequency: 0~4300/min

Drilling Capacity: 26mm (concrete)

Shank Type: SDS Plus

Dimensions: 354x70x198mm

Net Weight: 2.4kg

2-Mode Action (Drilling & Hammer Drilling)

RYOBI ED-263VR Rotary Hammer

Input: 750W

Power: 2.3joules

Rotation Speed:0~1100/min

Hammering Frequency: 0~4300/min

Drilling Capacity:26mm (Concrete)

Shank Type: SDS Plus

Dimensions: 344x70x198mm

Net Weight: 2.4kg

- 4-Mode Action (Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Hammer with Rotation Free and Hammer with Rotation Stop)


RYOBI S-550 Pad Sander

Input: 170W

Pad Size: 70 x 104mm

Paper Size: 75 x 104mm

Vibration: 24000/min

Orbit Diameter: 1.4mm

Dimensions: 70x126x125mm

Net Weight: 0.9kg

RYOBI CS-402L Chain Saw

Input: 1200W

Saw Length: 400mm

Dimensions: 727x207x173mm

Net Weight: 3.1kg

RYOBI S-350 Orbital Sander

Input: 190W

Pad Size: 93 x 185mm

Paper Size: 93 x 230mm

Vibration: 22000/min

Orbit Diameter: 2mm

Dimensions: 243x93x154mm

Net Weight: 1.3kg

RYOBI W-19A Circular Saw

Input: 1050W

Blade Diameter: 190mm

Blade Bore: 20mm

Max Cutting Capacity at 90Deg: 68mm

Rotation Speed: 4700/min

Dimensions: 290x226x242mm

Net Weight: 3.3kg

MAKITA 5806B Circular Saw

Cutting Capacity at 90Deg: 66mm

Cutting Capacity at 45Deg: 44mm

Blade Diameter: 185mm

Input: 1050W

No Load Speed: 4700rpm

Overall Length: 282mm

Net Weight: 3.5kg

Power Supply Cord: 2.5M


HITACHI C7SC Circular Saw

Power Input: 1100W

Blade Diameter: 185mm

Max Cut Depth at 90Deg: 58mm

Max Cut Dept at 45Deg: 41mm

No Load Speed: 5500/min

Overall Length: 282mm

Net Weight: 4kg



RYOBI J-6500VL Jigsaw

 Input: 400W

Stroke Speed: 0~3000/min

Cutting Capacity (Wood): 65mm

Cutting Capacity (Aluminium): 15mm

Cutting Capacity (Steel): 6mm

Dimensions: 205x67x173mm

Net Weight: 1.7kg

- Tool tilts 45Deg to right and left for various cutting purposes

Optional Dust collection systems is available

RYOBI TS-220 Miter Saw

Input: 900W

Nlade Diameter: 220mm

Blade Bore: 16mm

Max Cutting Capacity: 60 x 125mm

Rotation Speed: 4500/min

Dimensions: 300x340x375mm

Net Weight: 6kg


RYOBI VC-30 Vacuum Cleaner

Input: 1400W

Max Air Volume: 3.6SqM/min

Max Vacuum Degree: 16.2kpa

Tank Size: 21Litre

Dimensions: 440x380x580mm

DONGCHENG S1A-FF-150 Disc Sander

Rated Power Input: 405W

Rated Speed: 4700r/min

Grinding Disc Diameter: 150mm

Net Weight: 1.6kg

Carbon Brush


MAKITA Adjustable Nut Wrench
RYOBI Towel Buff 180mm
Air Ducting Hose 12
Rubber Pad 4