Product List


Aluminium Oxide Cloth

(Electro Coated)

Size: 9" x 11"

Grit: No. 1 to 3

Packing: 100pcs/pkt

Brand: Flying Wheel

Made in China

Unlike normal aluminum oxide sheets, these sheets are backed with cloth which makes for more flexible usage. This is great for metal-shaping and for removing rust

(Silicon Carbide Abrasive Waterproof Sandpaper)
Grit: 60 to 1000
Size: 9" x 11"
Packing: 100pcs/pkt
Brand: Eagle
Made in Korea
Specially treated waterproof paper can be used wet for automotive sanding, and dry on wood for quality finishing and to sand between coats of varnish and paint or other finishes.
Sandpaper for Wood
Grit: 60 to 120
Packing: 100pcs/pkt
Made in China
It is a versatile type of sandpaper sheet which can be used on practically any type of wood.
Sanding Disc
(Silicon Carbide Fiber Disc)
Size : 4" & 7"
Grit: 16cc to 240cc
Brand: Hawk
Made in Japan
It is widely used for polishing non-ferrous metal, marble, non-metal material, stone.
Cutting Disc
(Aluminium Oxide Fiber Disc)
Size: 4" to 16"
Suitable for the cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as masonry, glass, and other specialty materials.
Grinding Wheel
(Aluminium Oxide Depressed Wheel)
Reinforced abrasive depressed centre
Size: 4" to 7"
Made in China
Perfect for grinding welds, smoothing out pits, removing slag and flash, and deburring and surface grinding of general steel.
Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel
Size: 4"
Made in Japan
Suitable for marble, stone, granite & tile
HI-LAP PVA FLEX Grinding Disc
(Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc)
Size: 4"
Grit: 36 to 1500
Made in Japan
Suitable for chamfering and finishing of stone and can be used in metal for deburring and removing scratches and rust on general steel.
Diamond Wheel
(Concrete Cutting Disc)
Size: 4" & 7"
Made in China
Type: Wet (non segment / all round) for tile cutting
or Dry (segmented) for general concrete cutting
Recommended for the cutting of most types of harder concrete products, such as: cured concrete, reinforced concrete, medium to hard brick, kerbs, slabs, lintels, hard natural stone, granite, rooftiles most precast concrete product. 


    Diamond Cup Wheel

    Size: 4"

    Used for cutting, grinding and polishing concrete, hard concrete, marble, granite, field stones, paint removal and coating removal.

    Sharpening Stone
    (Silicon Carbide)
    Thickness: 1"
    Length: 6" & 8"
    Used to grid and hone the edges of steel tools and items such as scissors, scythes, knives, razors, tool blades e.g. chisels and planes. 

    Brick & Concrete Block

    Solid Brick

    Height: 68mm

    Width: 100mm

    Length: 218mm

    3-Holes Brick

    Height: 68mm

    Width: 100mm

    Length: 218mm

    3-Holes Common Brick

    Height: 135mm
    Width: 100mm
    Length: 218mm

    10-Holes Common Block

    Height: 135mm
    Width: 100mm
    Length: 218mm

    Single Bull Nose Brick

    Height: 70mm
    Width: 100mm
    Length: 215mm

    M211 3-Holes Brick

    Height: 90mm
    Width: 90mm
    Length: 190mm

    5-Holes Face Brick

    Height: 67mm
    Width: 100mm
    Length: 215mm


    Hollow Block

    Size : 63mm(W) x 150mm(H) x 450mm(L)

    Size : 100mm(W) x 190mm(H) x 390mm(L)

    Light Weight Block

    Height: 75mm & 100mm
    Width: 200mm
    Length: 600mm

    Concrete Slab

    Type: With & Without BRC Reinforcement
    Height: 50mm
    Width: 300mm
    Length: 600mm

    Road Kerb

    Type: k2 (formerly known as K7)

    & K2A (formerly known as K7A)

    Height: 300mm
    Width: 125mm
    Length: 300mm (K2) & 980mm (K2A)

    Concrete Spacer

    Height: 25mm to 100mm
    Width: 50mm
    Length: 50mm

    Drain Channel

    Type: C1 to C7
    Width: 150mm to 810mm
    Length: 600mm

    Drain Cover w/Ear

    Height: 50mm
    Width: 300mm
    Length: 600mm


    Vent Block

    Height: 190mm
    Width: 100mm
    Length: 390mm

    Tactile Yellow LTA
    Size: 300x300x17mm
    Precast Droplet Inlet Chamber c/w Kerb & Grating

    Height: 425mm
    Width: 475mm
    Length: 950mm



    (interlocking Brick)

    Cement & Const Chemical

    Ordinary Porland Cement

    Packing: 50kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 40 Bags

    Brand: Lafarge/ Pheonix/ Onoda/ NS


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    AALBORG White Cement

    Packing: 20kg per Bag

    1 pallet = 72 Bags

    ONODA White Cement

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 25 BagS


    UNICORN White Cement

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 pallet = 30Bags


    ABA 500T Tile Adhesive

    Colour: Grey or White

    Packing: 25kg per Bag


    AM40 Thin Bed Tile Adhesive

    Colour: Grey & White

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 48 Bags

    DAVCO Tile Quarry Bond

    Colour: Grey

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 77 Bags


    EMIX Tile Fix

    Colour: Grey or White

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 50Bags


    QS600 Tile Bond

    Colour: Grey

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 pallet = 60 Bags

    Brand: QUICSEAL

    SANDTECH TA401 Tile Adhesive

    Colour: Grey

    Packing: 25kg

    1 Pallet = 60Bags


    CL BOND W3 Tile Adhesive

    Packing: 20kg

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags



    QS602 Thin Set Powder

    Packing: 20kg per Set



    CN FLEX 1000 Bonding Agent

    Packing: 20 Kg


    QS509 Easi Bond

    Packing: 5Kg & 20Kg


    QS604 Tilemix Type 2 - Latex Adhesive Admixture

    (Bonding Agent)

    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    QS608 Plastermix Type 1 Latex Mortar Premix

    Packing: 20kg

    QS QW1 Cement Strengthener
    Packing: 5kg & 20kg
    S1 Bonding Agent

    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    W1 Cement Strengthener
     Packing: 4kg & 20kg
    W5 Multi-Bond

    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    DAVCO Block Bond

    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    AM50 Colour Grout

    (Various Colour)

    Packing: 1kg, 2.5kg & 20kg

    HILTI RE-500 Injection Mortar

    (Epoxy Adhesive Anchor System)

    Packing: 330ml/set

    1 Box = 20sets

    HILTI HY-150 Injection Grout

    (Fast Curing Injection System)

    Packing: 330ml/Set

    1 Box = 20Sets

    HILTI Injection Grout Gun
    (for dispensing HY-150)
    HILTI Blow Out Pump
    SUPERFIX Epoxy Acrylate System

    Packing: 300ml/tube

    1 Box = 15 tubes

    ARDEX Non-shrink Grout

    Packing: 25kg

    1 Pallet = 60 Bags

    LANKO 180 Grout ECO

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 77 Bags

    DAVCO 280 Readygrout

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 77 Bags

    EMIX PE Non Shrink Grout

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 60 Bags

    OPTIROC Non Shrink Grout

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 80 Bags

    QS510 Non Shrink Grout

    Packing: 25kg

    CONBEXTRA Hi-Strength Grout

    Packing: 25kg

    OPTIROC Pressure Grout

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 60 Bags

    EMIX Easi Plaster

    Colour: Grey or White

    Packing: 40kg

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    GIANT GP3 Skimcoat


    Packing: 40kg

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    A-PLAS Hard Finish Plaster

    Packing: 4kg & 20Kg


    EMIX Render

    Packing: 40kg pe rBag

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    OPTIROC Render (Basecoat)

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 50Bags

    GIANT GP3 Render (Motar)

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 50Bags

    EMIX Easi Floor Screed

    Packing: 40kg

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    GIANT GP3 Floor Screed

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    OPTIROC/ DAVCO Waterproof Screed

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 pallet = 50Bags


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    DNT Exterior Compound

    Packing: 5kg and 28kg

    DAVCO Rockfil Eco Interior Compound

    Packing: 15kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 30 Bags

    USG Interior Compound

    Packing: 5kg and 28kg

    DAVO Marble TTB White

    Packing: 25kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 80 Bags

    EMIX Marble Fix White

    Packing: 40kg per Bag

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    Marble Glue

    Colour Beige/Straw, Black, Clear & White

    Packing: 1 Lit

    1 Box: 12 Cans 

    Brand: GL88/ OTS/ AC

    PVC Glue

    Packing: 100ml & 500ml

    Wood Glue #7008

    Packing: 20kg

    DUROBOND Contact Adhesive

    Packing: 950ml & 3kg 

    Super Glue
    Packing: 20g per Tube
    Rat Glue

    Packing: 135g

    Bitumen Black Paint

    Packing: 3.5Lit & 16Lit

    FLINKOTE 3 Bitumen Emulsion


    Packing: 3.5Lit & 16Lit

    Bitumen Asphalt


    Packing: 25kg

    CL GLAZE Stone Coating

    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit

    LANKO TUFSEAL Clear Acrylic Sealer
    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit
    AM Sealer Matt

    Packing: 4 Lit

    AM Back Treatment

    Packing: 4 Lit

    DAVCO Liquid Water Repellent
    Packing: 5 Lit
    FABER BSH20 Back Treatment
    Packing: 5 Lit
    QS640 Stone Binder

    Packing: 5 Kg

    General Purpose Grease

    Packing: 30ml per Tube

    SINGER Lubricating Oil

    Brand: SINGER

    CASTROL AWS 68 Hydraulic Oil

    Packing: 18 Lit

    CASTROL Heavy Duty Grease

    Packing: 16kg

    CASTROL HD40 Engine Oil

    Packing: 18 Lit

    CASTROL HYPOY 140 Gear Oil

    Packing: 18 Lit

    CASTROL CRB SAE 40CF Engine Oil

    Packing: 18 Lit

    WACKER General Purpose Silicon

    Colour: Beige, Black, Clear, Grey & White

    Packing: 300ml per Cartridge

    1 Box = 25 Catridges

    WACKER Sanitary Sealant

    Colour: Clear & White

    Packing: 300ml

    1 Box = 25 Catridges

    DOWCORNING 791 Weatherproof Silicon

    Colour: Black & Grey

    Packing: 300ml

    1 Box = 25 Catridges

    GE Silglaze N10 Weatherproof Silicon

    Colour: Clear & White

    Packing: 310ml

    1 Box = 10 Catridges

    HI-Bond White Acrylic Sealant


    Packing: 300ml per Catridge

    1 Box = 20 Catridges


    MAXBOND Sealant

    Packing: 320grams per Catridge

    1 Box = 20 Catridges

    ALGAFLOOR Neutral Cleaner

    Packing: 1 Lit & 5 Lit

    CL-CRETE 100 Floor Hardener

    Packing: 25kg/Bag

    1 Pallet = 50 Bags

    GL88 White Marble Glue Hardener
    Packing: 45ml
    QS ML301 Accelerator
    Packing: 5 Lit
    Bitumen Compound

    Packing: 0.5kg, 2.5kg & 18kg

    Brand: TIGER & COUGAR

    DAVCO Self Levelling Compound

    Floor Levelcrete L15

    Application: Internal & External

    Packing: 25kg/Bag

    1 Pallet = 77 Bags

    S11 Stopping Compound

    Packing: 20kg/Bag

    1 Pallet = 84 Bags

    FABER Stain Remover (No Mac Gel)

    Packing: 500ml

    ABA Monocrete Overhead Repair

    Packing: 25kg

    PU Foam Spray 750ml
    A-PLAS Cornice Adhesive

    Packing: 20kg/Bag

    1 Pallet = 64 Bags

    WOODLIGNUM Termite Oil

    Colour: Clear

    Packing: 4 Lit

    Wood Preservative Oil

    Colour: Black

    Packing: 3.5Lit & 16 Lit

    SIKAFLEX PU Construction Sealant

    Colour: Black, Grey & White

    Packing: 600ml/Sausage

    1 Pallet = 20 Sausages


    QS605 Multi-purpose Paste

    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    AUTOSOL Metal Polish 75ml
    Cement Remover / Acid

    Colour: Clear & Red

    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit

    LANKO 124 Ultraprime
    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit
    BETEX Metal Filler / Fiber Putty
    Packing: 0.5kg & 3kg
    Wood Filler

    Colour: Natural & Teak (Wood)

    Packing: 0.5kg

    Formstrike Oil

    (Mould Release Oil)

    Packing: 18 Lit 

    Brand: FALCHEM

    ARALDITE Rapid Epoxy Adhesive
    QS301 Epoxy Mortar

    Packing: 3kg & 12kg

    QS304 Epoxy Putty (A+B)
    Packing: 2kg/Set
    HARDEX AS7 Aquastick
    Packing: 116g
    ABA 66M Aquaplug

    (ARDEX Water Plug)

    acking: 1kg & 5kg

    QS516 Water Plug

    Packing: 1kg & 4.5kg

    SUPERCAST SW10 Waterstop Swellable
    Size: 5mm x 20mm x 15M
    FABER WS800 Water Repellent Impregnator
    ABA 59M Cementitious Waterproofing
    Packing: 12kg & 30kg
    DAVCO K11 FLEX Cementitious Waterproofing
    Packing: 12kg & 36kg
    QS104 Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing
    Packing: 12kg & 36kg
    QS103M Acrylic Waterproofing Membrane

    Colour: Grey, Red & White

    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    SIKAFLEX Waterproofing Compound
    Packing: 5kg & 20kg

    Ready Mix Concrete

    Ready Mix Concrete

    Ready-Mix Concrete

    Grade: G15/20 to G40/40

    Type: Normal Mix & Pump Mix

    Cleaning Products

    Bamboo Grass Broom
    Bamboo / Rattan Rake
    Padi Broom with Straw Handle


    3-Colour PVC Broom

    Handle: Bamboo & Wood

    Nylon Broom with Wood Handle #41


    PVC Deck Broom


    Nylon Grass Broom


    Road Sweep Broom

    Size: 12" & 24"


    Soft Broom w/Bamboo Handle



    Lidi Broom


    Cotton Rag

    Type: Sewn & Unsewn
    olour: Mixed Colour  or White
    Packing: 2Kgs & 20Kgs

    GOOD MORNING White Tower #96

    Width: 12-1/2"
    Length: 27"

    Rubber Squeegee (wiper)

    Size: 12", 16", 18" & 24"


    Black PVC Dustbin

    Capacity: 18 Gln

    Plastic Dustpan c/w Handle


    Feather Duster


    Green Scouring Pad


    Stainless Steel Scouring Ball
    Mop Plastic Head c/w Handle



    Mop Strainer


    Plastic Pail

    Size: 2 Gln & 4 Gln

    Stainless Steel Refuse Chute Cover w/Lock

    Size: 14", 17" & 19"

    White Square Sponge

    Thickness: 1" or 2"
    Size: 12"

    Neutral Cleaner
    Packing: 1 Lit & 5 Lit
    ZIP Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Packing: 1 Lit & 5 Lit




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    Glass Cleaner

    Packing: 500ml & 5 Lit

    Dish Washing Liquid

    Packing: 5 Lit

    Stain Remover

    Packing: 500ml & 1 Lit
    Brand: No Mac Gel & Home Master

    Soap Powder

    Packing: 1kg, 5kg & 10kg


    Yellow Adaptor 110Volt

    (3-Pin x 110Volt Industrial Plug & Socket)


    Blue & White Adaptor 16 Amps

    (3-Pins x 16Amps / 230Volt

    Industrial Plug & Socet)

    3-Ways Industrial Plug & Socket

    Fluorescent Fixture & Tube

    Fixture Size: 2Ft x 18W, 3Ft x 30W & 4Ft x 40W 

    Fluorescent Tube Only


    3-core Extension Cable

    Size: 3-Core x 40 x 45yds,
    3-Core x 70 x 45yds &
    3-Core x 110 x 45yds



    Neoprene Cable
     -3-Core x 2.5mm Sq x 100M
    Cable Tie

    Size: 4" to 18"
    Colour: Black & White
    Packing: 100pcs/pkt


    Extension Socket

    Type: 3-Gang & 5-Gang
    Length: 3M & 6M

    3-Gangs x 16Amp Industrial Socket Box

    (with ELCB+MCB)


    3-Pin Plug

    Type: Round (15Amp) & Square (13Amp)


    Metal Twin Socket 9500SG



    PVC Cable Connector

    Size: 10Amp x 10mm
    & 20Amp x 12mm

    (for 2Ft & 4Ft Fluorescent Lamp)
    Battery Booster Cable 300Amp
    Fuse Cartridge

    Fuse Cartridge
    Size: 7A, 13A & 15A

    Spot Light Set

    Type: 500Watts & 1000Watts


    Metal Hi-Lite Tube 400W

    (Metal H-Lite Tube)

    Spot Light Tube
    Type: 500Watts & 1000Watts

    Size: AAA, AA, C & D

    Lantern Torch Light 6 Volt


    Rechargeable Torchlight

    Brand: NESIKA


    Torch Light 2-D Cells


    Granite & Sand

    Concrete Sand

    General purpose sand which is washed and graded.  Ideal for basic concrete and motar mixes or any other purpuse sand usage.


    Packing in Bag: 25Kg, 0.5Ton, 1 Ton

    Loose Per Lorry: 17 Tons

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    Plaster Sand

    A sand with medium courseness, somewhere between Masonry Sand and Concrete Sand. Ideal for plastering jobs as well as be used in a cement/sand/gravel mix to make cement.


    Packing in Bag: 25Kg, 0.5Ton, 1 Ton

    Loose Per Lorry: 17 Tons

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    Aggregates are a component of composite materials such as concrete and asphalt concrete; the aggregate serves as reinforcement to add strength to the overall composite material, as well as for mixing with (water, bitumen, prtland cement, lime, gypsum) to form conrete mortar. It is also used as base material under foundations, roads, and railroads.


    Size: 20mm (3/4")

    Packing in Bag: 25Kg, 0.5Ton, 1 Ton

    Loose Per Lorry: 17 Tons

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    Is a fine aggregate used for making thin concrete slab or thin walled and conventional reinforced concrete structural components and products.  It is particularly good when placed on concrete pump because of the absent of coarge aggregates.


    Packing in Bag: 25Kg, 0.5Ton, 1 Ton

    Loose Per Lorry: 17 Tons

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    Fine Sand

    Is is used for mason application, brick pavers and play area.


    Packing in Bag: 25Kg, 0.5Ton, 1 Ton

    Loose Per Lorry: 17 Tons

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    (Assorted Colours)

    Size: 3mm to 10mm
    Packing: 25kg/Bag

    Ready Mix

    Is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant, according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a work site, by truck mounted transit mixers . This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites.

    I is sometimes preferred over on-site concrete mixing because of the precision of the mixture and reduced work site confusion.


    Grade: 15mm to 40mm
    Type: Normal Mixed or Pump Mixed


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    Top Soil

    It is ideal for large grading jobs, deep filling areas and raising areas before apply new sod.

    It provides the density and fertility required for a balanced soil.

    Common Uses: potting soil, bedding soil, lawn top dressing, incorpoated to improve existing soil


    Top Soil are sold Per Lorry Load

    Crusher Run

    Ideal for driveways or gravel roads, crushed stone is a well graded crushed material that can be compacted.  It makes a good hard surface for driveways, road and parking lots.


    Crusher Run 17 Tons per Load

    Size: 3" to 6"

    Quarry Dust

    It is commonly used as a compcted base under ratio stones, interlocking stones or ground cover.


    Packing: 1 Ton or Per Lorry (17 Tons)

    Unwashed Sand

    It is a material used primarily for fill.  It can be used as a packing material or to back fill trenches, or holes where good compaction is needed.  There is no organic matter added into it and it compact very well.


    Packing: 1 Ton or Per Lorry (17 Tons)

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    Graded Stone

    Is a comination of crushes stones and gravel created in a quarry process.  Commonly used as a base material for driveway, on walkways and road base.


    Packing: Per Lorry (17 Tons)

    Hardware & Tools

    Bolt Cutter

    Size: 8" to 48"

    Suitable for cutting rebar, bolt, rod, chain and etc

    Paint Roller Refill
    Size: 4" to 8"
    Wood Painting Stick

    Size: 6Ft & 8Ft


    PVC Paint Tray


    Paint Roller Handle

    Size: 6" to 24"

    Concrete Nail

    Size: 5/8" to 4"

    Concrete Nail Black

    Size: 16mm to 40mm

    Iron Nail

    Size: 1" to 4"

    Packing: 1kg & 6kg

    Lost Head Nail

    Size: 3/4" to 1"

    Packing: 1kg & 18kg

    Pallet Nail

    Size: 3/4" to 2"

    Packaging: 200g, 500g & 18kg

    Roofing Nail

    Size: 2" & 2-1/2"

    Packing: 1kg & 2.5kg

    Nylon Butterfly Plug

    Packing: 100pc

    Nylon Nail

    Size: M5 to M8

    Length: 33mm to 100mm

    Packing: 40pc, 100pc/ 200pc


    Size: 1-1/2" to 18"

    Type: Philip Tip/ Slotted Tip

    Test Pen

    Size: 5.5" & 7.5"

    Screwdriver Set

    Type: 7pc/ set


    Magnetic Hex
    Power Bit

    Size: 45mm to 150mm

    Ball Pein Hammer
    Size: 1Lb to 3Lb
    Blacksmith Hammer

    Size: 4Lb to 12Lb

    Hammer's Bamboo Handle

    Size: 3Ft

    Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

    Size: 3Lb to 14Lb

    Wood Blacksmith Hammer
    Wood Brick Hammer

    Size: 0.5Kg

    Orange Fiberglass Claw Hammer
    Wood Claw Hammer
    Wood Chipping Hammer


    Black Hammer
    Fiberglass Handle Axe

    Size: 600g / 800g

    Fiberglass Rubber Mallet

    Size: 3Ft & 4Ft

    (Changkul Handle)

    Size: #2 to #5

    (Changkul Blade)

    Mini Changkul/ Mini Rake
    Concrete Chisel
    Type: Point/ Flat
    Rubber Grip Chisel

    Type: Point/ Flat

    Metal Cold Flat Chisel

    Size: 3/8" to 1-1/4"

    Tile Chisel

    Size: 5/16" to 1/2"

    Wood Chisel

    Size: 12mm to 38mm

    Breaker Chisel

    Type: Flat/ Point, with Ring/ Slot

    Size: 17mm to 30mm Diameter

    Length: 280mm to 450mm

    Mixer Blade/ Mixer Shaft

     Size: 5" & 6"

    Oil Glass Cutter
    Paper Cutter
    Paper Cutter Blade
    PVC Pipe Cutter
    Tile Cutter & Blade

    Size: 440mm & 640mm

    Copper Tube Cutter


    Parang Knife
    Utility Knife Set
    Tile Nippers
    Nylon Grass Trimmer String
    Size: 12"
    Aluminium Level
    Size: 12" to 48"
    Magnetic Plastic Level

    Size: 9"

    Magnetic Aluminium Level

    Size: 12" to 48"


    Tile Tester
    Telescoping Mirror
    Silicon Caulking Gun


    Silicon Caulking Gun Heavy Duty


    Pressure Grease Gun
    Sealant Gun Aluminium Cap
    Air Duster Gun
    Cement Mixer


    Wall Board Saw

    Size: 6"

    Bow Saw Blade

    Size: 24"


    Bow Saw

    Size: 24"

    Circular Saw Blade

    Size: 4" to 14"

    No. of Teeth: 40T to 120T


    Mini Hacksaw

    Size: 6"

    Metal Hacksaw

    Size: 12"

    Hacksaw Blade

    Size: 12"

    No. of Teeth: 18T & 24T



    Hand Saw

    Size: 16" to 30"

    HSS Metal Hole Saw

    Size: 16mm to 55mm

    Wood Hole Saw Set

    Packing: 7pc/ set

    Jigsaw Blade

    Type: Metal & Wood

    Packing: 5pc/pkt



    Flexible Pipe/ Hose

    Size: 1/2"

    Length: 8" to 48"

    PVC Level Hose

    Size: 3/8"

    Packing: 1M & 50M

    PVC Clear Hose

    Size: 3/4" & 1"

    Packing: 1M, 45M/ 50M

    PVC Net Hose

    Size: 5/8" & 1"

    Packing: 1M & 40M/ 50M

    Water Pump Hose

    Size: 2" to 4"

    Packing: 1M & 80M

    S/S Hose Clip

    Size: 1/2" to 5"

    Plastic Water Hose Reel With Wheel



    Plastic Reel With Hose


    Aluminium A-Ladder

    Size: 4 Steps to 12 Steps

    (Each Step = 10")

    Hinges with Nylon Ring

    Size: 4x3"

    S/S Hinges
    Size: 4x3"
    Barrel Bolt Brass

    Size: 2" to 5"

    Barrel Bolt Iron
    Size: 2" to 8"
    Number Lock

    Size: 40mm

    Padlock Brass

    Size: 20mm to 75mm

    Padlock Galvanised

    Size: 80mm

    Long Padlock Brass

    Size: 25mm to 50mm

    Hasp Self Locking

    Size: 3"

    Door Bumper Rubber
    Size: 1-1/2"
    Door Stopper S/S


    Door Wedge Rubber
    Size: 1-1/2"
    Lock Installation Kit
    Door Pull Metal
    Size: 4"
    Cable Lock

    Size: 12x800mm

    Gate Lock Steel

    Size: 1/2x5" & 5/8x10"

    Mortise Lock

    Type: Double Locking System


    Number Lock Resettable
    Cylinder Lockset

    Type: Steel & Stainless Steel


    Door Closer
    Hasp & Staple Brass

    Size: 4"

    Hasp & Staple Iron

    Size: 1-1/2" to 6"

    Hinges Brass

    Size: 1" to 4"

    Hinges Iron
    Size: 2" to 4"
    Walking Measure Tape

    Size: 0-10Km

    Measuring Tape

    Size: 3M, 5M, 7.5M & 10M

    Feng Shui Measuring Tape

    Size: 5M & 7.5M

    Type: 2 Side Reading

    Fiberglass Measuring Tape

    Size: 30M & 50M

    Vernier Caliper

    Size: 4" to 8"

    Type: Brass & Steel

    Measuring Cup
    Size: 2L
    Chain Block

    Size: 1 Ton to 3 Tonx3M


    Lever Hoist

    Size: 3/4 Ton to 3 Tonx3M

    Bicycle Wheel Pulley
    Power Puller
    Wheel Pulley

    Size: 4"

    PVC Bottle Trap

    Size: 1-1/4" to 1-1/2"

    Chrome Hand Shower


    Chrome Toilet Shower


    S/S Shower Hose

    Size: 1.5M

    Chrome Hand Shower Set


    Brass Sink Waste Plug & Chain

    Size: 1-1/4" & 1-1/2"

    Washing Machine Tap

    Size: 1/2x1/2" & 1/2x3/4"

    Mini Ball Valve

    Size: 1/2" Male/ Female


    Universal Poly Rubber Disc


    Universal Poly Rod Set

    Packing: 25pc/ set


    Combination Pliers

    Size: 6" to 8"

    Groove Joint Pliers

    Size 12"

    Diagonal Cutter

    Size: 6" & 8"


    Long Nose Pliers

    Size: 6" & 8"

    Rabbit Pliers

    Size: 8"

    Slip Joint Pliers

    Size: 8"

    Vise Grip Pliers

    Size: 10"

    Type: Curved Jaw

    Locking Cable Lug Pliers
    Size: 10"
    Wire Twister
    Angle Brush

    Size: 1" to 3"

    Board Brush

    Size: 4cm to 12cm

    Cup Brush

    Size: M10x75mm

    Type: Straight & Wriggle

    Brass Wire Brush

    Size: 4 Rows to 6 Rows

    Coconut Brush


    Nail Brush Nylon
    Paint Brush

    Size: 1" to 6"

    Shoe Brush

    Size: 6"

    Sponge Brush with Plastic Handle


    Steel Wire Brush

    Type: 4 Rows & 5 Rows

    Bar Bender

    Size: 1/4" (R6) to 1-1/4" (T32)

    Rod Cutter & Bender

    Size: 5" & 7"

    Tool Bag Canvas

    Size: 14" to 24"

    Nail Bag

    Type: With String Belt & Clip/ Without Belt


    Tool Box Metal

    Type: 3 Compartments & 5 Compartments

    Glass Drill

    Size: 5mm to 12mm

    HSS Metal Drill

    Size: 1mm to 13mm

    SDS Hammer Drill

    Size: 5mm to 25mm

    Length: 110mm to 450mm

    SDS Max Drill

    Size: 12mm to 20mm

    Length: 340mm

    Auger Drill

    Size: 6mm to 22mm


    Auger Drill SDS Plus

    Size: 6mm to 25mm


    Masonry Drill

    Size: 3mm to 10mm

    Drill Chuck

    Size: 13~20mm

    Packing: 3pc/ set

    Riveter Manual


    Aluminium Blind Rivet

    Size: 5/32x3/8" to 1/8x1"

    Packing: 50pc & 500pc/ 1000pc

    Drive Pin with Load 1

    Size: 2", 2-1/4" & 3"

    Drive Pin with Load 2
    Size: 27mm & 30mm
    Spindle Pin

    Size: 38mm to 65mm

    (with/ without Adhesive)

    Packing: 100pc & 1000pc

    Spindle Pin Adhesive

    Packing: 200g

    PVC Floor Grating Round

    Size: 3",4" & 6"

    PVC Floor Grating Square

    Size: 6"


    PVC Double Floor Grating

    Size: 6"


    PVC Deep Floor Grating

    Size: 6"x30mm Depth

    S/S Floor Grating Round
    Size: 3" & 4"
    S/S Floor Grating Square

    Size: 4" & 6"


    PVC Anti-Mosquito Floor Trap

    Type: Short & Long

    PVC Discharge Plate
    Size: 6x1-1/2"
    Floor Trap Grating Adaptor

    Size: 5x1-1/2"

    Type: 1 Way, 2 Way and 3 Way

    ABS Grating

    Size: 300mm & 350mm

    Colour: Beige, Black, Grey & Brown

    Packing: 46pc/M

    Hedge/ Grass Shears

    Size: 10"

    Pruning Shears S/S
    Pruning Shears
    Aviation Straight Snips
    Size: 10"
    Tin Snips

    Size: 8" & 12"

    Blue Scraper

    Size" 2" to 6"

    Paint Scraper

    Size: 1" to 4"


    Mud Scraper

    Size: 3/4x60"


    S/S Scraper PVC Handle

    Size: 1" to 6"

    Crow Bar

    Diameter: 3/4"

    Length: 18" to 72"

    Wrecking Bar Bend

    Size: 3/4"

    Length: 18" to 60"

    Wood Flat Shovel



    Steel Flat Shovel


    Wood Pointed Shovel


    Steel Flat Spade

    Length: 4 Ft

    Drain Spade

    Type: Half Round

    Cement Rake

    Size: 16"

    Fork Prong

    Type: 4 & 6 Legged

    Sponge Trowel

    Size: 3x10"

    Thickness: 8mm

    Brand: HANS

    Black Sponge Trowel

    Size: 4x9" & 3x9"

    Thickness: 10mm

    Soft Trowel

    Size: 4-1/2x11"

    Length: 11"

    Thickness: 0.4mm

    Brand: HANS, 999 & 99999

    Wood Trowel

    Size: 4x12"

    Thickness: 6mm

    Type: PVC Handle

    Steel Cutter Blade

    Size: 1-3/4x10"

    Thickness: 0.8mm

    Cement Trowel

    Size: 6"

    Thickness: 10mm, 12mm & 3mm



    Drain Trowel

    Size: 1-1/2x10"



    Drain Smoother Trowel

    Size: 2x6"


    Round Groove Trowel S/S

    Size: 5/16x20"


    Hard Trowel

    Size: 4x11" & 4-1/2x11"

    Thickness: 0.7mm

    Type: White & Blue

    Brand: BM, HANS, 999 & 999999

    Long Aluminium Trowel

    Size: 2x1"

    Length: 4Ft to 20Ft

    Wide Long Aluminium Trowel

    Size: 2"

    Length: 4Ft to 6Ft

    Long Wood Trowel

    Size: 3Ft to 6Ft


    Malay Brick Trowel

    Size: 5" to 8"


    Margin Trowel


    Notch Steel Trowel

    Size: 4x11"

    Plastic Trowel

    Size: 4x11"

    Corner Moulder

    Type: Internal & External

    Material: Metal & Plastic

    Self Levelling Roller

    Size: 9"

    Adjustable Spanner
    Size: 6" to 18"
    Combination Spanner

    Size: 6mm to 32mm

    Combination Spanner Set

    Packing: 8pc/ set

    Combination Flex Socket Spanner

    Size: 8mm to 19mm

    Double Flex Socket Spanner

    Size: 10x12mm, 12x13mm & 17x19mm

    Speed Wrench

    Size: 6" to 12"

    Pipe Wrench

    Size" 10" to 36"

    Ratchet Wrench

    Size: 17x19mm, 17x21mm & 19x21mm

    Tubular Box Wrench

    Size: 24x26mm, 24x27mm & 26x27mm

    Socket Box Wrench Set
    Size: 10 to 32mm
    Chain Wrench
    Size: 12"
    Strap Wrench
    Size: 12"

    Size: 6" to 24"


    Bench Vise

    Size: 4"

    Slab Pencil

    Packing: 1pc & 30pc/ box


    Type: Broad & Narrow 

    Wheelbarrow Wheel

    Type: Air Wheel Metal, Air Wheel Plastic, Solid Wheel Metal & PU Foam Solid

    Wheelbarrow Inner Tube


    Wheelbarrow Shaft

    Size: 5/8"

    Tyre Repair Kit



    Type: Diesel & Petrol

    Brand: BM & ROBIN (Petrol Driven)

    Submersible Pump Electric

    Size: 2" & 3"



    Plate Compactor

    Type: Petrol Driven

    Vibrator (Poker) Rod

    Size: 28mm to 50mm

    Length: 4M to 10M

    Castor Wheel Rigid

    Size: 3" to 8"

    Castor Wheel Swivel

    Size: 2" to 8"

    Castor Wheel Swivel with Brake
    Size: 3" to 8"
    Fridge Stand

    Size: 4"

    Type: Plastic

    Packing: 4pc/ set

    Cement Pail

    Type: Soft


    Cement Tray


    Sand Sieve

    Size: 11x11"

    Skip (Punkee)

    Type: Bamboo & Plastic

    Long Ball End Allen Key

    Type: Short & Long Ball End

    Packing: 9pc

    Allen Key Wallet Set

    Type: Hex Ends & Ball End

    Packing: 10pc

    Plumb Bob

    Size: 100g to 750g

    Plumb Bob Set

    Type: With Magnet

    Black Chinese Ink

    Size: 50/60ml & 250mm

    Red PVC Ink Pot


    Chalk Line Reel

    Size: 8M (Auto), 15M & 30M

    Chalk Line Refill White


    Try Square

    Size: 8" to 12"

    Carpenter Try Square

    Size: 8x12" & 16x24"


    Type: Slim Taper File 5",

    Half Round 10" 2nd Cut

    Flat File 10" 2nd Cut

    Cement Suction Pump

    Size: 10mm

    Glass Suction Pump

    Type: 2-Cup & 3-Cup

    Plastic Hand Pump

    Size: 4Gln & 44Gln

    Rotary Pump

    Size: 44Gln

    Slim Taper File

    Slim Taper File

    Size: 5"


    Bicycle Hand Pump

    Type: PVC Handle & Wood Handle

    Foot Pump
    Sprayer Plastic

    Size: 500cc, 1500cc & 5000cc

    Sprayer Knapsack

    Size: 16L 


    Sprayer Rotating Metal
    Garden Tap Nozzle Adaptor
    Garden Tap with Nozzle

    Size: 1/2"


    Small Brass Garden Tap
    Size: 1/2"
    Water Bid Tap


    Water Sprayer with Brass Head


    Chrome Water Spray
    Plastic Water Nozzle


    Brass Water Spray Nozzle/ Connector


    Water Hose Joint

    Size: 13 to 16mm

    Tap Opener
    Tap Wrench 4 Way
    Hand Truck

    Size: 150Kg & 300Kg

    Type: Average & Heavy Duty

    Hand Trolley

    Size: 200Kg

    Type: Average

    Gas Trolley Twin Cylinder
    Stencil Alphabet
    Size: 100mm, 150mm & 200mm
    Stencil Number

    Size: 80mm, 100mm & 150mm


    Chain Galvanised

    Size: 3/16" & 5/16"

    Manhole/ Mosaic Cover Key

    Packing: 2pc

    Pallet Jack

    Size: 3 Ton

    LD T-Handle/ IC Cover

    Size: 21x27"


    LD Recess/ Mosaic Cover
    Size: 450x600mm
    Galvanised D Shackle
    Size: 5mm to 16mm
    Double Decker Bed Frame
    Material: Metal
    Inwall Letter Box

    Type: Aluminium & Bronze   

    Mesh & Wire


    Width: 2-1/2" & 4"

    Length: 0.4M


    Thickness: 0.5mm
    Width: 4", 6" & 8"
    Length: 4Ft (1.2M)


    Width: 1M
    Length: 100M
    Brand: QS718


    Ribbed Lath Mesh

    Width: 2Ft
    Length: 7Ft        

    Stayrib Mesh

    (High Ribbed Mesh)

    Width: 0.45M

    Length: 2.2M

    GI Welded Mesh

    Thickness: G17 & G18
    Opening: 1/2"Sq, 1"Sq & 2"Sq
    Width: 1M
    Length: 30M, 70Ft & 4Ft x 8Ft or 6Ft x 12Ft



    GI Welded Mesh 2208, 2210

    Opening: 2" Square

    Type: 2208 & 2210

    Thickness: 4mm & 3mm

    Size: 6Ft 9Inches (W) X 12Ft (L) for 2208

    and 2Ft (W) X 4Ft (L) Or 4Ft (W) x 8Ft (L) for 2210


    CQ Welded Mesh

    Thickness: 6mm to 10mm
    Type: A & B
    Width: 2M
    Length: 3M


    GI Welded Mesh 2218

    Thickness: 1.2mm

    Opening: 2" Square

    Width: 1.2M

    Length: 20M

    BRC Welded Mesh

    Thickness: 5mm to 13mm
    Type: A,B,C & D
    Width: 2.4M
    Length: 6M  

    Chicken Wire Mesh
    Width: 3Ft
    Length: 40Ft


    GI Roofing Mesh 3315

    Width: 1.8M
    Length: 27M

    PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

    Opening: 2" Square
    Height: 4Ft, 5Ft & 6Ft
    Length: 50Ft


    GI Barbed Wire

    Size BWG 14
    Packing: 5kg/180Ft & 14Kg/280Ft


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    PVC Coated Green Wire

    Guage: BWG 10
    Packing: 5Kg/Roll

    Fencing Angle

    Size: 2" x 2"
    Length" 1.5M. 1.8M & 2.1M
    c/w Fencing Cotter Pin
    - 3/16" x 1-1/2"

    Fencing Cotter Pin
    Galvanised Wire

    Thickness: BWG 8 to BWG20
    (1mm to 4mm)
    Packing: 5Kg & 20Kg per Roll

    Pre-cut Wire

    Size: 300mm to 400mm
    Packing: 5Kg/Box

    Aluminium Netting

    Width: 1M
    Length: 30M

    Paint & Chemical & Insecticide

    White Emulsion Paint (INDEC)

    Packing: 7 Lit & 20 Lit

    Brand: KANSAI

    White Emulsion Paint (MATEX)

    Packing: 7 Lit & 20 Lit

    Brand: NIPPON 

    Enamel Paint

    Packing: 1 Lit & 3.5 Lit
    Brand: Cougar

    Road Marking Paint

    Packing: 5 Lit

    Colour: Black, Red, White & Yellow

    Brand: Cougar

    Spray Paint

    Colour: Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

    Packing: 400ml (Aerosol)

    Anti-Malaria Oil

    Packing: 20 Lit


    Packing: 600ml (Aerosol)
    Brand: Shieldtox

    Lacquer Wood

    Packing: 1 Lit



    Packing: 1 Lit, 3.5 Lit, 16 Lit


    Paint Remover

    Packing: 1 Lit, 3.5 Lit & 18 Lit
    Brand: Tiger & Cougar 

    Shellac Oil

    Packing: 600ml & 3.8Lit


    Packing: 1 Lit, 3.5Lit, & 16Lit

    Grad: Normal & AAA


    Packing: 1 Lit, 3.5 Lit & 16 Lit

    Undercoat / Oxide Paint

    Packing: 1 Lit & 3.5Lit

    Brand: Cougar

    Etching Primer (Metalact)

    Packing: 4 kg


    (Advance Arcylic Based
    Multi-purpose Primer)

    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit

    Brand: Davco Lanko 124

    Cold Galvanised Paint

    Packing: 5 Lit


    Varnish Oil

    Packing: 1 Lit & 3.5 Lit

    Anti-rust Penetrant

    Packing: 382ml (Aerosol)

    Sealer Oil Base

    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit

    Brand: Kansai 

    Sealer Water Base

    Packing: 5 Lit & 20 Lit

    Brand: Kansai 

    Drop Cloth

    Width: 2.4M
    Length: 3.6M


    Jumbo Bag
    Gunny Bag
    Trash/Rubbish Bag

    Size: 30" x 34" & 36" x 48"


    Woven Bag

    Size: 18" x 26" (New)         


    22" x 32" (Used)

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    PVC Singlet Bag

    Size: 8" x 15", 1" x 17", 

    20" x 24" & 20" x 30"

    Packing: 40pcs/pkt & 80pcs/pkt



    Sealing Tape


    Self-adhesive Bitumen Tape

    Width: 2", 3" & 4"

    Length: 10M




    Cloth Tape

    Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, 
               Silver, White & Yellow

    Width: 2

    Length: 8M

    Foam Tape

    Colour: Black or White

    Thickness: 1mm

    Width: 18mm & 25mm

    Length: 5M & 10M



    Aluminium Foil Tape

    Width: 2" & 3"

    Length: 50 yds

    Insulation Tape

    Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Green,

               Red, White & Yellow

    Joint Tape

    Type: with & without Adhesiv

    Width: 2"

    Length: 70M to 75M

    Masking Tape

    Size: 1", 1-1/2" & 2"

    Length: 15yds & 50yds

    OPP Tape

    Width: 2"

    Length: 50yds


    Black Protection Tape

    Width: 2", 3" & 4"

    Length: 80M

    Steel Band
    (w/Hole 17mmx 10M)
    PVC Container 25L

    (Jerry Can)

    Plastic Recondition Drum

    Type: Open Top

    Capacity: 200L


    IBC Tank 1 Cubic Meter
    Polythene Roll

    Thickness: 0.08mm 

    Width: 54" x 2ply

    Length: 30M

    Canvas Sheet (Blue & White)

    Width: 6Ft to 40Ft

    Length: 8Ft to 40Ft

    Canvas Roll

    Width: 72"

    Length: 40M & 60M

    Corrugated Paper

    Width: 43

    Size: Big or Small

    PP Corrugated Board

    Thickness: 2mm

    Width: 1M

    Length: 2M

    Pallet Stretch Film

    Width: 500mm

    Weigth: 2.6kg

    Bubble Wrap

    Width: 60"

    Length: 300Ft


    Type: Metal or PVC
    Size: 5/8"


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    Strapping Clip

    Type: PVC or Metal

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    Strapping Tool

    Type: Metal or PVC

    Manila Rope

    Diameter: 12mm & 16mm

    Length: 200M (12mm)

     &  180mm (16mm)


    Nylon Rope

    Diameter: 2mm to 16mm

    Length: 50M

    Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, White & Yellow

    Raffia String

    Weight: 150grams & 1.5kg


    Nylon Twine

    Nylon Twine 80g
    Colour: White or Green

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    Stapler & Staples

    Stapler 4~12mm     



    Size: 6mm, 8mm & 10mm

    Packing: 1000Pcs/Box


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    Pipe & Fittings

    Grey UPVC Pipes

    Class: AE or AO

    Size: 3/8" to 12"

    Grey UPVC Socket
    Size: 3/8" to 12"
    Grey AW Reducing Socket
    Size: 3/4" to 6"
    Grey UPVC AE Elbow

    Type: 45Deg & 90Deg
    Size:1-1/2" to 12"



    Grey UPVC AE Long Elbow (Bend)

    Type: 45Deg & 90 Deg
    Size: 2" to 8"


    Grey UPVC Sweep Tee
    Size: 3/8" to 6"
    Grey UPVC AE End Cap

    Grey UPVC AE End Cap
    Size: 3/8" to 6"

    Grey UPVC Socket End Ball Valve
    Size: 1/2" to 4"
    White UPVC Pipes

    White UPVC Pipe
    Size: 1/2" to 6"
    Length: 1.45M, 2.9M & 5.8M


    White UPVC Socket

    Size: 1-1/4" to 6"

    White UPVC Reducing Socket
    Size: 1-1/2" to 6"
    White UPVC 141 Valve Socket

    Size: 1/2" t0 1"

    White UPVC Faucet Socket
    Size: 1/2" to 1"
    White UPVC Elbow

    White UPVC Elbow
    Type: 45Deg & 90Deg
    Connection: FF & MF
    Size: 1-1/4" to 6"

    White UPVC End Push On Cap
    Size: 1-1/4" to 6"
    White UPVC Sweep Tee (FF)

    Size: 1/4" to 6"

    White UPVC Omega Pipe Clip

    UPVC Omega Pipe Clip
    Size: 1-1/4" to 4"

    White UPVC U-Trap

    Type: M/F, IO & Vent M/F
    Size: 4"

    UPVC Vent Cowl
    Size: 3" to 6"

    Power Tools & Laser Tools

    RYOBI PSV-600 Blower

    Input: 650W

    Airflow Output:3.5

    Dimensions: 480 x 198 x 232mm

    Net Weight: 1.9kg

    DONGCHENG Z1F-FF-02-15 Breaker

    (Demolition Hammer)

    Shank Diameter: 30mm Hex

    Rated Voltage: 220V

    Rated Frequency: 50Hz

    Power Input: 1240W

    Impacting Frequency: 1400/min

    Net Weight: 16kg


    DONGCHENG Z1F-FF-06 Breaker

    (Demolition Hammer)

    Type: Slot In (17mm)

    Rated Voltage: 220V

    Rated Frequency: 50Hz

    Power Input: 900W

    Impacting Frequency: 2900/min

    Net Weight: 5.3kg

    HITACHI H41SC Breaker

    Power Input: 1050W

    Full Load Impact Rate: 3000/min

    Bit Shank: 17mm Hex (21/32")

    Overall Length: 414mm (16-19/64")

    Net Weigth: 5.0kg (11Lbs)


    MAKITA HM0810T Breaker

    (Demolition Hammer)

    Input: 900W

    Blow per Miniute: 2900bpm

    Overall Length: 428nmm (16-7/8")

    Net Wt: 5.5kg (12Lbs)

    Power Supply Cord: 5M (16.4Ft)


    RYOBI CH-465 Breaker

    (Demolition Hammer)

    Input: 1050W

    Power: 8.8 Joules

    Hammering Frequency: 3000/min

    Shank Type: 17mm Hex

    Dimensions: 445x106x231mm

    Weight: 5.1kg

    RYOBI C-125A Concrete Cutter

    Input: 1050 W

    Blade Diameter: 110~125mm

    Blade Bore: 20mm

    Max Cutting Capacity: 41.5mm

    Rotation Speed: 12,000/min

    Overall Length: 214mm

    Net Weight: 2.9kg

    MAKITA 4100NH Concrete Cutter

    Blade Diameter: 110mm

    Max Cutting Capacity: 34mm

    Input: 1300W

    No Load Speed: 13000rpm

    Overall Length: 234mm

    Net Weight: 2.9kg

    Power Supply Cord: 2.5mm

    DONGCHENG Z1E-FF-110 Concrete Cutter

    Blade Diameter: 110mm

    Max Cutting Capacity: 30mm

    Related Power Input: 1200W

    No-Load Speed: 13000r/min

    Net Weight: 3.0kg

    RYOBI C-3560 Cut-off Machine

    Input: 2,100W

    Blade Diameter: 355mm

    Blade Bore: 25.4mm

    Max. Cutting Capacity (Round Pipe): 120mm

    Max Cutting Capacity (Rectangle Pipe): 75 x 130mm

    Max Cutting Capoacity (Angle Steel): 138 x 138mm

    Rotation Speed: 3800/min

    Dimensions: 560x285x640mm

    Net Weight: 15kg

    MAKITA 2414NB Cut-Off Machine

    Wheel Diameter: 355mm

    Hole Diameter: 25.4mm

    Input: 2000W

    No Load Speed: 3800rpm

    Dimensions: 500x280x600mm

    Net Weight: 16.2kg

    Power Supply Cord: 2.5M

    DONGCHENG J1G-FF02-355 Cut-Off Machine

    Wheel Size: 355x3x25.4mm

    Rated Power Input: 1800W

    No-Load Speed: 3800r/min

    Net Weight: 16kg

    RYOBI BD-122 Cordless Drill

    Volgage: 12V

    Chuck Size: 13mm

    Max Torque: 26 Nm

    Drilling Capacity (wood):25mm

    Rotation Speed (Variable 2-speed): 0~350 / 0~1050min

    Charging Time: 30 Mins

    Battery Type: Ni-Cd, 1300mAh

    Dimensions: 198x76x234mm

    Net Weight: 1.5kg

    MAKITA 6260WPE Cordless Drill

    Drilling Capacity (Steel): 10mm

    Drilling Capacity (Wood): 21mm

    No Load Speed (High): 0~1200rpm

    No Load Speed (Low): 0~340rpm

    Max Fastening Torque (Hard): 24Nm

    Max Fastening Torque (Soft): 14Nm

    Overall Length: 192mm

    Net Weight: 1.4kg

    DEVON 5241 Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion 1.3Ah

    Volgage: 10.8V

    Maximum chuck diameter : 10mm

    Maximum screw diameter : M6

    Battery : Li-ion 1.3Ah

    Maximun torque : 18 (N.m)

    No. load speed : 0-500rpm

    Weight : 1.0kg


    * LED working light

    * Stepless variable switch

    * Corotation and reversion switch operate it with single hand

    * Well-designed handle for comfort

    RYOBI PD-196DV Impact Drill

    Input: 710W

    Chuck Size: 13mm

    Drilling Capacity (Wood):25mm

    Drilling Capacity (Steel): 13mm

    Drilling Capacity (Masonry): 19mm

    Rotation Speed: 0-2,600/min

    Blows per Minute: 0-46,800

    Dimensions: 299x66x198mm

    Net Weight: 1.75kg

    MAKITA 6412 Drill

    Drilling Capacity (Steel): 10MM

    Drilling Capacity (Wood): 25mm

    Input: 450W

    No Load Speed: 0~3000rpm

    Dimensions: 228x64x183mm

    Net Weight: 1.2kg

    Power Supply Cord: 2M


    BOSCH GWS 7-100 Angle Grinder

    Input: 720W

    Disc Diameter: 100mm

    Wire Cupt Brush Diameter: 70mm

    No Load Speed: 11000rpm

    Net Weight; 1.8kg

    RYOBI G-1007 Angle Grinder

    Input: 800W

    Wheel Size: 100mm/115mm

    Rotation Speed: 11,000/min

    Switch Type: Rear Toggle

    Housing diameter: 62mm

    Dimensions: 270x120x106mm

    Net Weight: 1.5kg

    MAKITA 9553NB Angle Grinder

    Depressed Centre Wheel: 100mm

    Abrasive Disc: 100mm

    Diamond Wheel: 100mm

    Input: 710W

    No Load Speed: 11000rpm

    Overall Length: 258x118x97mm

    Net Weight: 1.4kg

    Power Supply Cord


    DONGCHENG S1M-FF-100A Angle Grinder

    Max Wheel Diameter: 100mm

    Hole Diameter of Wheel: 16mm

    Rated Power Input: 540W

    Rated Speed: 13000r/min

    Net Weight: 1.7kg

    HITACHI PDA100 Disc Grinder

    Wheel Diameter: 100mm

    Hole Diameter: 16mm

    Spindle Thread: M10 x 1,5

    Power Input: 620W

    No Load Speed: 12000/min

    Overall Length: 254mm

    Net Weight: 1.7kg

    RYOBI G-182 Large Angle Grinder

    Input: 1100W

    Wheel Size: 150mm

    Rotation Speed: 11,000/min

    Overall Length: 427mm

    Net Weight: 3.3kg


    RYOBI HBG-6E Bench Grinder

    Input: 250W

    Wheel Size: 150mm

    Rotation Speed: 2850min


    Net Weight: 9kg

    RYOBI BG-800 Bench Grinder

    Input: 375W

    Wheel Size: 180mm

    Rotation Speed: 2859min

    Overall Length: 420mm

    Net Weight: 18.1kg

    RYOBI G-601 Die Grinder

    Input: 470W

    Collet Size: 6mm / 1/4"

    Rotation Speed: 25,000/min

    Overall Length: 359mm

    Net Weight: 1.6kg

    RYOBI AJP-1600 High Pressure Jet Cleaner

    Input: 1400W

    Water Pressure: 8.5MPa

    Water Volume: 6L/Min\

    Dimensions: 260x360x830mm

    Net Weight: 6.8kg



    RYOBI AG-180 Heat Gun

    Input: 1800W

    Temperature: 440/610 Deg

    Air Volume: 250/450L/min

    Net Weight: 0.8kg

    DONGCHENG QIU-FF-160 Power Mixer
    RYOBI PM-1011 Power Mixer

    Input: 800W

    Rotation Speed: 1000/min

    Dimensions: 855x86x138mm

    Net Weight: 2.5kg

    RYOBI HL-82N Planer

    Input: 500W

    Planing Width: 82mm

    Planing Dept: 0~1mm

    Rebetting: 11.5mm

    Blade Rotation Speed: 17000/min


    Net Weight: 2.3kg


    RYOBI PE-2100 Sandpaper Polisher

    Input: 950W

    Pad Size: 180mm

    Rotation Speed: 650~2000/min


    Net Weight: 2.4kg


    RYOBI ED-262VR Rotary Hammer

    Input: 750W


    Rotation Speed: 0~1100/min

    Hammering Frequency: 0~4300/min

    Drilling Capacity: 26mm (concrete)

    Shank Type: SDS Plus

    Dimensions: 354x70x198mm

    Net Weight: 2.4kg

    2-Mode Action (Drilling & Hammer Drilling)

    RYOBI ED-263VR Rotary Hammer

    Input: 750W

    Power: 2.3joules

    Rotation Speed:0~1100/min

    Hammering Frequency: 0~4300/min

    Drilling Capacity:26mm (Concrete)

    Shank Type: SDS Plus

    Dimensions: 344x70x198mm

    Net Weight: 2.4kg

    - 4-Mode Action (Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Hammer with Rotation Free and Hammer with Rotation Stop)


    RYOBI S-550 Pad Sander

    Input: 170W

    Pad Size: 70 x 104mm

    Paper Size: 75 x 104mm

    Vibration: 24000/min

    Orbit Diameter: 1.4mm

    Dimensions: 70x126x125mm

    Net Weight: 0.9kg

    RYOBI CS-402L Chain Saw

    Input: 1200W

    Saw Length: 400mm

    Dimensions: 727x207x173mm

    Net Weight: 3.1kg

    RYOBI S-350 Orbital Sander

    Input: 190W

    Pad Size: 93 x 185mm

    Paper Size: 93 x 230mm

    Vibration: 22000/min

    Orbit Diameter: 2mm

    Dimensions: 243x93x154mm

    Net Weight: 1.3kg

    RYOBI W-19A Circular Saw

    Input: 1050W

    Blade Diameter: 190mm

    Blade Bore: 20mm

    Max Cutting Capacity at 90Deg: 68mm

    Rotation Speed: 4700/min

    Dimensions: 290x226x242mm

    Net Weight: 3.3kg

    MAKITA 5806B Circular Saw

    Cutting Capacity at 90Deg: 66mm

    Cutting Capacity at 45Deg: 44mm

    Blade Diameter: 185mm

    Input: 1050W

    No Load Speed: 4700rpm

    Overall Length: 282mm

    Net Weight: 3.5kg

    Power Supply Cord: 2.5M


    HITACHI C7SC Circular Saw

    Power Input: 1100W

    Blade Diameter: 185mm

    Max Cut Depth at 90Deg: 58mm

    Max Cut Dept at 45Deg: 41mm

    No Load Speed: 5500/min

    Overall Length: 282mm

    Net Weight: 4kg



    RYOBI J-6500VL Jigsaw

     Input: 400W

    Stroke Speed: 0~3000/min

    Cutting Capacity (Wood): 65mm

    Cutting Capacity (Aluminium): 15mm

    Cutting Capacity (Steel): 6mm

    Dimensions: 205x67x173mm

    Net Weight: 1.7kg

    - Tool tilts 45Deg to right and left for various cutting purposes

    Optional Dust collection systems is available

    RYOBI TS-220 Miter Saw

    Input: 900W

    Nlade Diameter: 220mm

    Blade Bore: 16mm

    Max Cutting Capacity: 60 x 125mm

    Rotation Speed: 4500/min

    Dimensions: 300x340x375mm

    Net Weight: 6kg


    RYOBI VC-30 Vacuum Cleaner

    Input: 1400W

    Max Air Volume: 3.6SqM/min

    Max Vacuum Degree: 16.2kpa

    Tank Size: 21Litre

    Dimensions: 440x380x580mm

    DONGCHENG S1A-FF-150 Disc Sander

    Rated Power Input: 405W

    Rated Speed: 4700r/min

    Grinding Disc Diameter: 150mm

    Net Weight: 1.6kg

    Carbon Brush


    MAKITA Adjustable Nut Wrench
    RYOBI Towel Buff 180mm
    Air Ducting Hose 12
    Rubber Pad 4

    Structural & Building Materials

    Formtie D

    Size: 200, 250 & 300mm

    Formwork Inner Unit

    B9  x (75mm to 250mm)

    D12 x (100mm to 450mm)

    Formwork Nut

    Size: 12mmm or 1/2"

    Formwork Spanner

    Type: Formtie, B-Cone & D-Cone

    Formwork Cone Spanner
    Type: B-Cone & D-Cone
    Formwork Flat Rib Washer

    Size: 100mm x 50mm

    Size: 150mm x 50mm

    Formwork Plastic Cone

    Size: B9X12

    Formwork Rubber Ring 12mm

    Size: 12mm

    Formwork Clamp

    Formwork Clamp

    Tensioner Clamp
    Sewage Half Channel Pipe

    Size: 4", 6" & 9"

    Length: 2Ft

    Sewage Channel Taper Pipe
     Size: 6" x 4" x 2Ft
    Sewage Half Channel Elbow

    Type: 45 Deg & 90 Deg
    Size: 4" to 9"

    GI Corner/Angle Bead 2.7M


    Corner Ruler

    Size: 2M to 2.5M 


    CR41 Sharp & Long Sharp

    CR4T Round & Long Round

    CRV1W / TL2020




    TL2 Inner



    Drip Line
    Type: DL-1310 or TL4
    Extruded Foam

    Thickness: 25mm or 50mm

    Size: 2Ft x 4Ft


    Thickness: 1/2" to 4"

    Size: 4Ft x 8Ft

    Colour: White


    Cylindrical Polyform
    Diameter: 65mm
    Length: 2Ft
    Sponge Strip

    Size: 1" Square
    Length: 75"

    Arcylic Corrugated Sheet

    Width: 26"
    Length: 6Ft, 8Ft & 10Ft

    Ardex Plus Corrugated Sheet

    Width: 21"
    Length: 6Ft, 7Ft & 8Ft

    GI Corrugated Sheet

    Thickness: 0.3mm
    Width: 26"
    Length: 6Ft, 8Ft & 10Ft

    PVC Corrugated Sheet

    Thickness: 0.8mm

    Width: 2Ft

    Length: 6Ft, 8Ft & 10Ft

    Expansion Joint

    Type: EJ20, EJ30
    Length: 3M

    Surface Expansion Joint

    Type: EJ10 & EJ20

    Length: 3M

    L-Strip Expansion Joint
    Length: 3M
    Vinyl Sheet

    Thickness: 0.05mm
    Width: 6Ft
    Length: 90Ft

    Glass Block

     Size: 6" Square


    Thickness: 1.1mm

    Width: 2M

    Length: 1M & 150M

    Groove Joint

    Groove Joint

    TypeL GJ, GJT, GV & PS10

    Width: 6 to 30mm

    Length: 2M

    Groove Joint Plaster Stop
    GI Hoarding Sheet

    Size: 0.37mm thk

    Width: 860mm

    Length: 1.8M or 2.1M


    Size: R6 to R13 & T10 to T32

    Size: 3M, 6M or 12M

    Access Panel

    Width: 200mm  to 300mm
    Length: 300mm

    Partition Wall Angle

    Length: 10Ft


    Partition Corner Bead
    Size: 1" x 1"
    Length: 8Ft
    Partition Channel

    Size: 2" x 1"
    Length: 8Ft


    Partition Tee
    Type: Cross & Main
    Length: 0.6M & 1.2M
    Calcium Silicate

    Thickness: 3.2mm to 12mm
    Size: 4Ft x 8Ft

    Ceiling Board

    Size: 12mm x 2Ft x 4Ft

    Cement Board

    Thickness: 10mm

    Width: 4 Ft

    Length: 8Ft

    Flexcell Board

    Thickness: 12mm & 20mm
    Width: 4Ft
    Length: 7Ft

    Gypsum Board

    Thickness: 3/8" & 1/2"

    Width: 4Ft

    Length: 8Ft


    Thickness: 12mm
    Width: 4Ft
    Length: 8Ft

    Damp Proof Coarse

    Width: 4-1/2" & 9"
    Length: 8M


    Roofing Felt

    Width: 3Ft
    Length: 8M


    Backer Rod

    Diameter: 10mm to 50mm
    Length: 1M, 200M & 500M

    Aluminium Foil

    Thickness: 50mm
    Type: Single Side, Double Side 
    Brand: Euroshield

    PARSEC Thermo-Brite Foil

    (superlative heat insulation product)

    Type: 0 (Medium Grade Radiant Barrier)

    Type: III (High Grade Radiant barrier)

    Width: 1.25M
    Length: 96M

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    Fiberglass Wool

    Thickness: 1" & 2"
    Width: 1.2
    Length: 20M

    Rockwool Insulation Slab

    Thickness: 2"

    Width: 2Ft

    Length: 4Ft

    Lead Sheet
    Thickness: 0.85mm
    Width: 3.5mm
    Length: 20Ft
    Galvanised Sheet

    Thickness: 0.4mm

    Width: 4Ft

    Length: 8Ft

    Aluminium Sheet

    Thickness: 0.4mm

    Width: 4Ft
    Length: 8Ft

    Slotted Angle

    Size: 2-1/4" x 1-1/2"

    Length: 10Ft or 1.8M

    Shelf Bracket Grey

    Size: 6'x8", 8"x10" & 10"x12"

    White Tile

    (& Corner Tile)
    Size: 4"x 4" & 6" x 6"



    PVC Gutter System (Accessories)

    - Bracket, Mitre Joint, Stop End Cap, Channel,

    Pipe Clip, Union and Outlet Discharge



    Lead Roofing Hat
    Size: 4"
    Fish Tail

    Size: 4", 6" & 9"
    Packing: 250pcs/pkt

    GI Frame Tie

    Thickness: 0.8mm
    Length: 9"

    Scaffolding Pipe

    Diameter: 48.6mm
    Length: 6M

    Scaffolding Clamp

    Type: Fixed & Swivel

    Size: 48.6mm


    Scaffolding Wheel with Brake

    Size: 6" & 8"


    Scaffolding Joint Pin
    PVC Triangle Strip

    Model: KT20, KT25 & KT35

    Length: 2M

    Brass Strip

    Thickness: 3/16"&  1/8"
    Width: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4"
    Length: 12Ft

    Stainless Steel Strip

    Thickness: 3mm, 5mm & 6mm
    Width: 6mm, 10mm & 12mm
    Length: 12Ft

    Aluminium U-Strip

    Size: 3/8" to 1"
    Length: 20Ft


    Aluminium Flat Bar

    Thickness: 3mm

    Width: 12mm & 19mm

    Length: 20Ft

    Aluminium L-Angle

    Thickness: 1mm

    Width: 3/8x3/8", 1/2x1/2", 3/4x3/4", 1x1"

    Length: 20Ft

    Tile Spacer

    Size: 1.5mm to 8mm
    Packing: 200pcs/pkt or 250pcs/pkt

    Bar Chair

    Size: 80mm to 180mm
    Packing: 50pcs (140m & above)            
    & 100pcs (130mm & below)


    Galvanised U-Lintel

    Height: 50mm & 75mm 
    Width: 100mm
    Length: 2.4M, 3.2M & 4M

    Corrugated Lintel

    Size: 90mm

    Length: 900mm to 1200mm

    Corner Tile Trim
    Length: 2.5M
    PVC Tile Trim

    Length: 8Ft

    Colour: Assorted

    Slit Fence
    Width: 3Ft
    Length: 300Ft
    Circular Formwork

     Diameter: 215mm to 1050mm


    Safety Belt

    Type: PSB Approved & Not Approved


    Sling Belt

    Capacity: 2 Tons to 3 Tons
    Length: 2M to 6M


    Ear Plugs

    Type: Hard & Soft



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    Orange Safety Fence

    Width: M
    Length:20M (L)

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    White Cotton Gloves

    Weight: 400grams/Doz
    & 700grams/Doz
    Packing: Per Doz (12pairs)

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    Maroon Cotton Gloves

    Weight: 600gram/Doz
    Packing: Per Doz (12pairs)

    Jen Cuff Leather Gloves


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    Latex Palm Gloves

    Packing: Per Doz (12pairs)

    Rubber Gloves

    Packing: Per Doz (12pairs)


    Green Welding Gloves
    Safety Helmet

    Colour: Blue, Brown, Orange, Red, White & Yellow

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    Helmet's Chin Strap with Buckle


    Helmet's Inner Liner



    Paper Dust Mask

    Packing: 44pcs/Box

    Triangle Dust Mask
    3-Ply Face Mask with Ear Loops
    Packing: 50pcs/Pkt
    Safety Green Netting

    Width: 1.8M
    Length: 5.1M, 10.2M & 20.4M
    & 1M (W) x 30M (L)/ Roll



    Ratchet Tie Down Strap

    Width: 2"
    Length: 5M, 8M & 10M


    Type: 1-piece Type, 2-pc Heavy Duty & Disposable
    Size: Medium, Large. X-Large & XX-Large


    Red & White Safety Tape

    Size: 2" x 30M or 3" x 30M
    Packing: (2") 48rolls/Box or (3") 36rolls /Box

    Black & Yellow Safety Tape

    Size: 2" or 3"
    Length: 33M
    (Also Available with 1-Side Adhesive)



    KING'S KR600 Shoes LowCut Lace

    Size: 5(38) to 12 (46)


    KING'S KWD806 Shoes MidCut Zip

    Size: 5 (38) to 12 (46)

    NIKO Safety Shoes Low Cut Lace

    Size: 6 (40) to 12 (46)


    Shoes MidCut Zip

    Size: 7 (41) to 9 (43)


    PHARAOH PH8100W Shoes Low Cut Lace
    Size: 5 to 11
    PHARAOH PH8301W Shoes Low Cut Slip On
    Size: 5 to 11
    PHARAOH PH8601W Shoes Mid Cut Zip
    Size: 5 to 11
    PHARAOH PH8602W Shoes Mid Cut Lace
    Size: 5 to 11
    Black Rubber Boots

    Size: 5 (38)to 9 (43)


    Yellow Safety Boots

    Size: 5(38) to 11(45)


    Safety Spectacles

    Type: Clear or Dark Lense

    Safety Goggles

    Model: Y-1202

    Safety Eye Protection

    Model: VC10, VC20, VC30 & VC40

    Lens: Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

    Colour: Clear Anti Fog, Amber, Smoke & Indoor/Outdoor

    Brand: KLEENGUARD/ EN166CE


    Safety Vest

     Type: With & Without LTA Approved

    & LTA Approved with Words (eg RIGGER
    Colour: Green & Orange

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    Strip Vest

     Strip Vest

    Colour: Green & Orange